A Successful Small Businessman & Bi-Partisan Leader

About David Stahl

StahlAs a successful small businessman and Mayor of East Brunswick, David Stahl will bring a proven brand of bi-partisan leadership to the legislature to help create jobs and provide tax relief to the middle-class. As a resident of East Brunswick for over 30 years, David’s decade of experience as a local elected official has made East Brunswick government more affordable and efficient. After serving six years on Council, David took on his own party to run for Mayor. Since he was elected in 2008, David worked with council members from both parties to cut municipal spending by 12% and lower property taxes in 2012.

As a local small business owner, David worked diligently to make East Brunswick business friendly. His efforts to grow jobs and cut red tape led to a 40% reduction of office and retail vacancy rates on Route 18. David is received his business degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University where he obtained a law degree. He is a solo practicing attorney and also owns a hardware store. He served as President of the East Brunswick Soccer Club and as a Trustee at Temple B’nai Shalom.

David is the proud father of three children. He helped put his oldest children, Naomi and Zachary, through college after they graduated from the East Brunswick public school system. His youngest daughter, Shoshana is a freshman at East Brunswick High School.


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